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Wellspanked  (M/f & F/f)   The Tutor's Study (M/f)
“You're not too big or too old for a spanking, young lady". Domestic discipline for girls over 18, usually until they left home, was common practice not so very long ago. Maybe it is still but it's just not spoken about as much these days, or at least, not in public! But privately, many young women have given us their own very personal accounts of the punishments that they actually received as late teen girls and young women. We have re-created those accounts to show domestic discipline - just as real, just as realistic and just as painful as the first time around.   It wasn't just parents who took care of their daughters discipline. To brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, teachers and even her boss at work, a girls bottom was seen to be "fair game" We discovered a private English tutor who definitely saw every female bottom as fair game. Many of the personal accounts describe the discipline given to several of the women by this tutor. It seems he made the corporal punishment of nubile female bottoms into a life's work! Such were his skills, girls were often sent to him just to be chastised!

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Uniform Spanking (M/f & F/f)   Spanking & Wanking (M/f & F/f)
Uniforms are a favourite theme for many spanking enthusiasts. Most like them even more when they are partially removed, ready for punishment to be administered to the wearer's bare bottom. When cp was abolished in British schools it was still the favoured method of discipline for most girls and young women home. Although the "swish" of the headteacher's cane may have been replaced by the "thwack" of Mum's hairbrush, the crying and sobbing of the chastised girl always sounded pretty much the same.   Although their discipline is humiliating and painful (as it is meant to be) many young women get very turned on before, during or after a punishment. Even more by thinking and fantasising about it. So here's the Wellspanked take on their spanking and corporal punishment fantasies. These clips contain some sexual content but the spanking and cp that the girls receive is no less real or painful for it. From the woman's viewpoint, a "pretend" spanking is about as much use to her as a limp dick.


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